Can anyone join Property Professionals?
No. We only select the top agencies and brokers who meet all of our qualifications.

Is there a franchise fee?
No. Leading competitors charge $20,000 or more!

How much does it cost for lead generation?
Leads are free. We do not charge for our lead generation service.

Do I need to sign a contract?
Yes. It is a uni-lateral agreement. Either party can cancel the agreement at anytime with a 30 day notice.

Do I receive any type of marketing assistance?
Yes. The Regional Sales Director in your area helps with all marketing and promotional items.

What is “co-op / group” advertising and marketing?
Our top-notch, experienced team determines what promotions are best for your area (ie: bus benches, billboards, commercials, radio spots, etc.). They will take the total cost of the campaign and split it up between all of the Property Professionals in that area. Each Property Professionals agency will then take their portion out of their own advertising funds to help with the costs. This is a much cheaper (and more successful) way than any competitor does it!

How soon do we start the co-op / group campaigns?
Once our corporate team has substantial funds for your area from the Property Professionals members, the advertising campaigns will begin. We run quarterly campaigns and each advertising campaign will fit the theme of the season and location.

How can you be so inexpensive?
We have created an image-building advertising program affordable for everyone. We don’t carry all of the overhead costs that our competitors do. We believe if everyone can contribute their part and work as team, that we can run the most successful Real Estate program out there!

My question is not here. What can I do?
No problem! Contact us today!