Property Professionals was originally formed in Michigan in 1982. At that time, approximately 50 traditional broker houses were in existence. Property Professionals has redesigned itself to operate under a new concept of service provider and marketing-based system for the real estate industry. The name Property Professionals does NOT operate as a real estate company. Property Professionals will provide nationally based mortgage, title, appraisals and a client follow-up service accessible via the internet.

NIMA marketing provides the agent, broker and agency with image building, national name recognition and promotional materials, along with a web site that an agent or agency can add their website to. In addition, advertising concepts, (i.e. commercials for cable, print ads and radio clips) are available at reduced costs. Services that are affordable to everyone who take their business seriously. Property Professionals is a name that has relevance to the industry; the name makes a statement to the public about the agent, the agency, their services and the organization.

Property Professionals can assist the agents in regaining control of their business through cost control and the option of 100% commission potential. Members have the option and flexibility for revenue sharing plans and traditional commission concepts.

Research has proven that there is an opportunity for change from the typical broker agency/agent relationship. Technology and cost are the main drivers behind this research. Wireless internet and cell phones create the virtual office for the agent with the ability to function from anywhere. Many businesses have recognized this cost saving value and have already shifted employees to the home-based office. As an independent contractor, the agent, has already been operating in this manner.

The current real estate franchise industry has been operating under a front-load premise. Their system charges the agent monthly fees, advertising fees, desk fees, administration fees etc. They charge a broker/business person a buy-in fee, ranging from $10,000 to $100,000 dollars for the use of their nationally known name/company. Like most large corporations, the top tiers of the organization become the gross revenue benefactors, while the income producing sector pays their way. is a marketing-based website providing basic information about the company and its services and links to our service providers. The website consists of a broker/agent directory for retail clients (buyers and sellers).

Peter J. Spadafore, owner and founder of Property Professionals, has over 50 years experience in developing and building numerous companies, including Property Professionals, BIDCO (Business Investment Developmental Company), IFBB (International Franchise Business Broker) and Globe Home Warranty & Referral. After many years of running these companies and more, he felt it was time to retire. He sold a few of the businesses and went public with others. He quickly realized that he enjoyed helping people rather than being retired.

Rusty Poole, National Sales Director and Owner of Property Professionals Southeast, has 40 years as a consultant in the Real Estate franchising and memberships. His past franchise affiliation’s include Realty World, ERA, Gallery of Homes, Realty Executives and EXIT. Past accomplishments include National salesperson of the year for ERA and Gallery of Hones. He was owner of Color-Net of the Carolina’s, a full color national listing network in early 1990’s before the Real Estate Industry was utilizing the Internet and for national exposure of member’s listings. He was publisher for BROKER-AGENT Magazine which published feature stories for Top Producing Real Estate Agents and Offices. He was Broker in Charge/Owner of Rusty Poole Realty which was the top producing firm in his hometown for several consecutive years.

Mr. Spadafore and Mr. Poole researched the history and evolution of Real Estate Franchises and networks. With an innovative approach to today’s real estate industry, they incorporated the positive impacts of real estate franchising and networking, eliminated the negatives to design the current model for Property Professionals.